With the funding and support of the Australian Government, the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) continues to lead the ongoing development and testing of the Australian Agricultural Sustainability Framework (AASF), joined by project delivery partners the Australian Farm Institute (AFI), CSIRO, KPMG, ERM and Schuster Consulting Group:

2024 Projects

Data Ecosystem

The AASF needs to be supported with robust and logically connected mechanisms which enable data sharing. The Data Ecosystem project is taking a co-design approach through the AASF Community of Practice to develop a proposal for governance and institutional arrangements to enable access to and sharing of data. Ultimately stake­ holders will understand the mechanisms by which the data needed to support AASF can be identified and assessed for suitability.

AASF Guidelines & Pilots

The AASF Pilot Guidelines and Self-initiated pilots provide the opportunity to use the AASF in a business/organis­ational context. The Pilot Guidelines will provide the starting point for the development of NFF-led pilots later in the year.

AASF Prototype Reports

The AASF prototype Reports will collate available information against the AASF Principles and Criteria to ascertain appropriate indicators, measures and metrics, drawn from aggregated information held in domestic commodity frameworks and related national data sets.

Materiality Assessment

A double materiality assessment which takes into account impact and financial materiality is being completed to determine what sustainability topics are most important to Australian agriculture and its stakeholders. The materiality assessment will consider where Australian agriculture has the greatest impact on the economy, the environment, society, and where it can have the most influence on the decisions of stakeholders.

AASF Community of Practice

The AASF Community of Practice brings together industry, government, and private sector sustainability stakeholders. Members of the AASF CoP are helping to shape Australia’s sustainability narrative, working together on key issues as part of the ongoing develop­ ment and activities of the AASF. The AASF CoP is housed in an online information sharing platform and holds regular meetings in person and online.