Fostering Collaboration

We believe in the power of collaboration. 

The development of the Australian Agricultural Sustainability Framework (AASF) has been shaped through extensive consultation and collaboration with over 1300 stakeholders from across the agricultural industry, including supply chain partners, primary producers, government entities, financiers and industry organisations, both within Australia and overseas.

The AASF consists of two key elements: a Community of Practice (CoP) forum and a framework. The CoP serves as a platform for shared learning and collegiality, driving the AASF’s evolution to address emerging challenges. It brings together members with technical expertise, industry representation and a shared interest in advancing sustainability credentials in Australian agriculture.

Active community engagement has been at the core of the AASF’s journey and remains a driving force. The CoP plays a pivotal role in continuously informing the AASF about emerging challenges and opportunities, ensuring its adaptive evolution while involving stakeholders in developing approaches to demonstrate and verify the industry’s sustainability credentials.

Commodity-specific sustainability frameworks and initiatives continue to set goals and targets for their respective sectors, aligning with the AASF’s national objectives.

Through uniting stakeholders from diverse sectors and utilising a dedicated CoP, the AASF strives to foster collaboration, build capacity, share expertise and learnings and collectively address common challenges to enhance sustainability practices throughout the agricultural supply chain in Australia.

We are stronger, working together.