Shared Learnings from Users of the AASF: Pilot Case Studies 

Shared Learnings from Users of the AASF: Pilot Case Studies 

The first three in a series of user case studies highlights how others have aligned or leveraged the AASF principles and criteria to underpin or validate their business’s sustainability needs and objectives. We have worked with AAM Investment Group, AgriFutures and AgCarE to create these documents. If you would like to engage or become a.. Continue reading >

Community Trust in Rural Industries

This article, provided by AgriFutures Australia, offers a comprehensive exploration of the factors influencing trust within rural sectors. Gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by rural industries and discover practical strategies to enhance trust relationships with local communities. Whether you’re a stakeholder, policymaker, or simply curious about the dynamics of rural economies, this fact.. Continue reading >

Global Forum on Farm Policy and Innovation | A values-based approach hitting the mark.

The Australian Farm Institute has joined with other leading independent agricultural organisations to form a collaborative initiative known as the Global Forum on Farm Policy and Innovation (GFFPI). These organisations are: Farm Foundation (US), Australian Farm Institute, Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute, and Forum for the Future of Agriculture (EU).The AASF is supporting a small number.. Continue reading >

TNFD Nature-Related Risk & Opportunity Management and Disclosure

Explore the transformative world of The Nature of Future Design (TNFD), where innovation and sustainability converge. Learn more about a journey to discover cutting-edge design solutions that harmonise with the environment and propel us toward a more sustainable future. From groundbreaking eco-friendly technologies to inspiring design philosophies, TNFD showcases the intersection of creativity and environmental.. Continue reading >

National Traceability Grant – project kick off

The Australian Government is offering new grant funding under the Australian Trade System Support – Cultivating Australia’s Agricultural Traceability – Promoting and Protecting Agriculture measure. Grant activities undertaken between 2023–2025 will support opportunities to secure value-added benefits for agricultural industries, deliver improved traceability outcomes, and provide national leadership. Activities will also support effective responses to.. Continue reading >

Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Package

About Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Package Australian agriculture depends on a biodiverse and well-managed natural resource base. Agricultural land managers play a key role in environmental management. They are responsible for managing 58% of our landmass. The Agriculture Stewardship Package is working to develop market arrangements and kick start private investment in farm biodiversity and other.. Continue reading >

A Common Approach to SectorLevel Greenhouse-Gas Accounting for Australian Agriculture

AIA and CSIRO have developed a common framework for GHG accounting for Australian agriculture, which supports sector-level baselines, reporting and communication of a united narrative around emissions. AIA announced the completion of the Common approach to sector-level greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting for Australian agriculture project. This project developed a common framework for GHG accounting, which.. Continue reading >

Data Progress Needed For Climate-Smart Agriculture

The agriculture sector is a major source of the greenhouse gasses (GHG) that are causing climate change, accounting for approximately 10 percent of U.S. GHG emissions. Proponents of “climate-smart” agriculture look to provide farmers and ranchers with financial incentives to encourage practices such as planting cover crops, reducing tillage, and improving pasture management to sequester.. Continue reading >

What’s in your cart?

The decision to shop sustainably often depends on the effort required by consumers. According to a survey conducted by senior partner Jessica Moulton and colleagues, shoppers across four countries—France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States—are more likely to freeze food to avoid waste or purchase seasonal produce (less effort) than buy recycled toilet paper or.. Continue reading >